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Hello there, dear language learner

I am Bea Laszlo, a qualified language teacher with 10 years of experience, teaching English, Spanish, Dutch and Hungarian online. Learners at all levels from beginner to advanced are welcome!

I tailor lesson plans and learning plans according to every student's special needs and goals so that you can have a more personalized learning experience.

Language learning and teaching are both great passions of mine.

I speak eight languages fluently and teach four of them.

I teach with a lot of enthusiasm, patience and with an overall positive approach.

By holding fun, flexible, dynamic and speaking-centered classes I try to make my students become interested in and enthusiastic about their chosen language and the related culture.

If you choose me to be your teacher I can help you with the following:

  1. Learn the essential basics of how to speak a foreign language

  2. Become familiar with a new language and culture

  3. Practise & improve your conversational skills

  4. Understand & learn grammar through real conversation examples and so be able to form correct sentences

  5. Develop your vocabulary with a focus on the topics of your needs and preferences

  6. Prepare for a language exam (elementary, intermediate & advanced level) or for an interview

  7. Achieve your personal or professional goals regarding learning a language

  8. Perfect the language skills you need to succeed in the workplace

  9. Communicate effectively in a range of situations including meetings and presentations

  10. Become fluent and confident using the foreign language of your choice

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