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How do I teach?


I always try to make my classes fun

Having a good time in class is of utmost importance as students learn much more when they are amused.

New information simply sticks more easily.

Yes, it is scientifically proven.

A relaxed environment is also crucial. When students feel that there is absolutely no pressure and I am simply there to help them, they gradually start feeling at ease and communicating without being ashamed, inhibited or stressed.

I usually pay attention to improving all skills: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and reading comprehension, and most importantly: fluent speech.

Moreover, I consider the variety of material used in class really important. I use various different books (in pdf version), websites specially dedicated to language learning, articles, current news, videos, TED talks, podcasts and many more.

No bored or demotivated student in class!

What are the lessons like?


The first (45-minute-long) class is always free

In the first class I am going to ask you about your goals, preferences and interests. We are going to talk about your priorities and difficulties concerning your language learning process. While doing this, I am going to assess your level of the language in question and then tailor your own study plan accordingly.

I am always flexible with all my students, so please:

Let me know if there is anything you don't like, would like to change, modify, skip, repeat, practise more or just do differently!

I am there to help your learning process, and my initial idea is not necessarily the best. The classes are for you, so they can be co-designed by you.

The most important thing is that you speak as much as possible in class. There is no writing or listening or reading activity in class, that's all homework. Oh yes, there is homework! Homework is a crucial part of your learning process. ;)

In any case, you will need to speak, and speak a lot!

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