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A rather personal post about social life, adventure, procrastination and European summertime

So I've been back to Europe for 2.5 hectic months. Aaand I am staying another 2.5 hectic months before heading back to South East Asia. Still procrastinate a lot. It is getting better though, and I have actually been making progress. Slowly but surely. I started tracking my habits, I have been more productive and very soon there will be proof as well. So exciting! I haven't really stopped moving around (~10 trips within Europe in 12 weeks) and have lived through great adventures, have spent valuable, precious time with people who are important to me, have welcomed many great new people into my life, have got to know myself and my goals better... and became really tired through it all. Now I am really craving for my own space, my own home, more comfort and would love to be able to afford sacrificing less. Comfort-wise. Time-wise. Energy-wise.

If I am totally honest, I have mostly concentrated on socialising and adventures in the past 2.5 months. Not really on being productive or working on my little business. Well, not as much as I had planned to. It does frustrate me, just not that much at the moment, haha.

I simply can't give up these 2 things.  1. Adventure. Any form of adventure. It can actually be an addiction. Travelling, doing random things, being spontaneous, exploring. Exploring anything that's new, fun, scary, risky, uncertain. May it be alone, with friends or with new friends I meet along the way. And sometimes dating, too. Meeting new people not knowing what might happen. Being open. Welcoming the unknown. The possibilities. That exciting feeling. That adrenaline shot. 2. Social life. Spending time with lovely, outstanding, inspiring, funny, smart, charismatic, different people. Learning from them. Sharing stories. Helping each other. Recognising myself in their words, in their stories. My thoughts in their thoughts. My experience in their experience. When I spend time with people, time just flies, we get inspired, we have fun, we open up to each other... after all the most important thing in life are meaningful social interactions and having people we can count on in our lives. Based on my great community living and socialising experience from the last year I am seriously considering starting a community somewhere in the future. No religion, no weird stuff, just as much social interaction as possible, spending valuable time together, helping each other and creating great things together. That can't be a utopia, can it? Until then I am going to visit and take part in several colivings and communities (such as Auroville in India, I'd love to go and experience that place soon).

So well. I'll come back with those updates on being productive and building my little business in a few months' time. Hopefully with some exciting news. Until then... more adventure and socialising. Just for a few weeks/months more. Long live the European summertime!

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