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Who am I?



My name is Bea Laszlo and I am originally from Hungary.

I lived/studied/worked/volunteered the third part of my life abroad (mostly in Spain, but also in Holland, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Ecuador, France, Thailand and Indonesia). I first moved abroad when I was 17. Since then my life has been about:

Travelling.  Observing.  Experiencing.
Adventures.  Different cultures.  Languages.
People.  Stories.  Connections.
Extremes.  Balance.  Enjoying the ride.
Open-mind.  Tolerance.  Optimism.
Never.  Ending.  Curiosity.
Failing.  Learning.  Improving.
Intellectually.  Physically.  Emotionally.

I teach with passion, I teach with joy. Learning and teaching languages is what I enjoy most in life and what makes me feel fulfilled.

I love establishing contact with people, sharing stories, sharing my knowledge, making people feel confident about their language skills and making them feel at ease when they speak another language. I try my best to add my modest contribution to making the world a more joyful and lovable place :)

I have always wanted to have a job where I could help people and this is the best way I have found I can do it.

Think globally, act locally, so they say.

What's my experience?



I have been teaching foreign languages for 10 years now;

I taught English to Spanish and Catalan students in Barcelona during 3 years as well as English, Spanish and Dutch in Budapest to Hungarian students during 5 years. I worked both at language schools and as a private teacher.

I acquired all my knowledge by myself (and with the help of private teachers) so I understand how students feel and what kind of problems they might have.

I have always loved learning languages. I have native-like proficiency in English and Spanish with a C2 level international language diploma in both (Cambridge Proficiency, DELE Superior) as well as Business English and Business Spanish language exams.  My Dutch knowledge is at level B2 and I possess an according language diploma (NT2 programma II).

Apart from these languages I also speak German and Catalan at an intermediate (B2) level as well as Italian and French at a basic (A2) level .

In 2018 I embarked on a new journey as a Digital Nomad which means that I am able to work and travel at the same time.


These days I teach online. It is a whole new experience, a new adventure, which basically means combining my two main passions: languages and travelling. It is paradise on Earth :)

English tutor online
Spanish tutor online
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