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Why study with me?

My goal was to improve my communication skills in English, because I hadn't practiced the language for 4 years.
I especially aimed to speak Business English confidently in order to apply to an English-taught MBA.
I had 3 months to prepare for the interview and to refresh my intermediate language skills and thanks to Bea, I succeeded.
We had online classes twice a week which seemed to me as casual and friendly conversations, however, I actually learned a lot and got a lot braver communicating in English.
Every class went smoothly and cheerfully. Thanks to the relevant conversation topics and to the homework, I managed to learn the business terms without much effort.
If you would like to learn English in an effective, but easy way, Bea is your best choice as a teacher!

 Renata Lipusz,

 MBA student

 Tirol, Austria

When I started having lessons with Bea, my level of English was elementary, as I had only studied it at school many years earlier. After two years of classes with her I can clearly state that my English is far better which helps me a lot in my job. I currently coordinate the commercial department of an engineering company and our lessons have helped me a lot to be able to communicate with our foreign clients.

The lessons are entertaining and fun, you can learn English in a really pleasant way with her. In addition she perfectly adapts the lessons to the students' needs.

In my case we do a lot of conversation combined with grammar which helps me express myself better and better.

The fact that the lessons are through Skype does not mean any difficulty, on the contrary, since the internet connection is perfect and it feels as if we were having lessons in person. This also allows me to have lessons from anywhere which is of utmost importance to me as I often have to make business trips.



  Abel Cunillera,

  Sales manager

  Barcelona, Spain

IMG_2643 (2).jpg

I have been studying English with different teachers for many many years and Bea is the first teacher in whose classes I dare speak freely and without any inhibitions.

I feel that English is not a "foreign" language, I even use my current knowledge more confidently. Bea's knowledge and personality both inspire me.

One of my biggest fears is communicating in a foreign language. However, her tolerance and encouragement make me feel that "there is no mistake, only experience". Consequently I am becoming more and more courageous in my communication which is noticeable even from one class to another..

I have decided to take this challenge and learn to speak English fluently and I am not going to change English teachers again. Bea is going to be the one :)

  Vera Vincze-Fekete,


  Budapest, Hungary

Bea was my teacher during two years, and she was excellent from the first moment on. Well-organized and truly interested in my learning process. She used many different resources to create varied lessons and made sure they wouldn't get monotonous. She always encouraged me to go abroad and practice my language skills and that's what I am going to do now. I have really learned a lot with her and I will always be grateful. She has a lot of patience and never cancels any class (except emergencies, of course).


  Ricardo Campo,


  Barcelona, Spain


I started learning English in order to be able to communicate in any kind of situation abroad. I really like that Bea's classes are speaking-centered, I personally find this so important. Another aspect when choosing a language teacher was that this person should have experience living abroad. Bea has lived in different countries so she has been using languages in practical situations. She has not only studied from books so she can explain many things and give useful examples. I would definitely recommend having classes with her, she is very flexible, has a lot of experience and also uses modern educational methods. I am completely satisfied and would like to thank her for the fantastic classes! 


  Krisztina Adorjan,


  Munich, Germany

Video call snapshot 27.png

What do my students say?

I am really glad that I found Bea on the internet and I can study English with her.

Each one of our classes is meaningful, speaking-centered and at the same time we devote enough time to grammar, too.
I keep progressing according to my own rhythm and Bea can perfectly adapt to it. There is no stress but lots of fun.

Since I started having classes with her, I have learnt to speak in a much braver way than I used to and thanks to her teaching method, my vocabulary has also improved considerably.

  Agnes Bakai,

  Interior designer,

  Budapest, Hungary

Due to my job it was important for me to refresh my English knowledge so we focused especially on communication and on Business English with Bea. Our lessons were speaking-centered which was absolutely necessary in my case.
On the first class I already knew that she was the most appropriate teacher I could have found as she immediately recognized my needs and the fields I had to improve.
She didn't give me boring textbook exercises and all homework was related to articles and video presentations which was a great way to develop my vocabulary as well. We discussed topics in class that I couldn't have imagined I would ever be able to talk about in a foreign language.
Her teaching method is tailored to each and every student and there is no boring moment in her classes! :)



  Nora Kiss-Halasz,

  C&B specialist

  Budapest, Hungary

Simply put: the best! :-)
Whatever your goal, Bea will surely find the most effective tools to make you learn the language efficiently.
She adapts to your needs and directs the learning process focusing on what you would like to improve. She explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and later she makes you practise the covered grammar/vocabulary in her ingenious way.

I especially like how she encourages me to speak a lot, as in my case oral communication is the most important.
A curious aspect of her method is that she takes notes for you so you can focus on using the language to communicate.



  Nikolett Warvasovszky,

  Marketing manager

  Budapest, Hungary

Bea prepares the classes really well and makes them diverse and enjoyable. Even though I wasn't very enthusiastic about learning English at the beginning, she actually managed to make me enjoy it and to noticeably improve. I will continue with her for sure!


  Isabel Cavero,

  Occupational health

  and safety technician

  Copenhagen, Denmark


After passing my intermediate level English exam years ago, my knowledge had started to fade.
I contacted Bea because I wanted to refresh my English skills and improve further.

My main goal is fluent communication in everyday life, so our lessons are speaking-centered.

Thanks to Bea I managed to understand the most difficult parts of the grammar as well.

The lessons are always enjoyable and we always cover some interesting topic which helps me broaden my vocabulary. She is flexible and kind, I recommend her as a teacher to everyone aiming to learn languages!



  Evelin Toth,

  Government office worker

  Budapest, Hungary

Bea is an immensely patient and nice person and teacher. Even though we are not easy to schedule lessons with, she always managed to meet our needs and was always punctual and flexible. The topics discussed in class were enjoyable, she explained Spanish in an easy-to-understand way and she complemented her knowledge with her humor and kindness. We would warmly recommend her to everyone!


  Elza Morcsanyi

  & Geri Gati,


  Budapest, Hungary

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